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 Group Classes, Individual & Semi Private Training
Throughout Seattle 



  • NOBS YOGA - Where yoga meets full body conditioning. Lengthen, tone and strengthen your body through this interactive and educational fitness inspired yoga class. Our signature class is filled with yoga intermixed with circuit, cardio and strength training. Perfect for athletes or people who desire no B.S. yoga classes. Students of all levels will love this sweaty class set to an upbeat playlist!

  • Bootcamp - Ready for a challenge? This class is designed to make you work hard while training smart. Train your body to move correctly and you will never regret a workout. This high intensity class is educational, sweat-filled and circuit inspired for that feel good burn we all want from a bootcamp class! 

Current Class Schedule: 
SoDo King 5 News Bootcamp - 12:30pm Mondays
Greenlake FitMoms Bootcamp - 10:30am Tuesdays (babies welcome!) 
Madison Park Women's Bootcamp - 8:45am Tuesdays
Greenlake 6 week Bootcamp series - 6am Wednesdays
Please inquire here for more information about joining these classes. 

Individual & Semi Private Training: 

Please contact for more information on individual & semi private training.