3 Exercises For Office Workers

There is much evidence to show that sitting for 8+ hours a day has negative effects on the body, posture and mental health. It is so important to get up and move ONCE every hour. Below are 3 exercises that help promote good posture, get blood flowing throughout the body to help rejuvinate the mind and circulatory system. By performing these exercises once every hour, you can improve posture and productivity at work.    

From a seated position, bring hands behind head and rotate left and right while keeping spine and torso long. The more you can rotate, the better.  Be sure to engage the core while performing this exercise. Rotate 10 times to the left and 10 times to the right.

From a seated position, bring arms out to 90 degrees, palms facing forward. From here, without arching the back press arms up towards the ceiling while keeping the core engaged. Repeat 20 times.

From a plank position, hands in line with shoulders bring one knee at a time up towards the elbow. Repeat 20 times per leg.

Modification: If wrists are bothersome or this version is too difficult you can perform mountian climbers on a seat or bench and come down to your forearms.