Wellness By Little Client, April Schmidt Shares her Success Story!

April's first day home after surgery. 

April's first day home after surgery. 

A Little Background on April's History.  
I am 51 and have lead a pretty active lifestyle around my work schedule. I mostly hike and ski on the weekends.  I have always been on a healthy nutritional path. I had a wake board injury occur in August 2015 that actually pulled my entire hamstring off the pelvic bone called Avulsion.  This required surgery followed by crutches and brace for 6 weeks, total non weight bearing.  I began PT in week 2 of that period, twice a week.

What got you Interested in Starting an In-Home Training Program? 
I began a home training program in January because I wanted a more aggressive work out to reach my personal goals faster. My short term goal was to build back the muscles in my leg from atrophy and be as strong on that side of my body as the other.  I also wanted to stretch out my back and the side of my body that had been compensating for the length of my recovery. In home training makes my life easier as I don't have to hassle with gyms and it saves me a ton of time! 

Tell us About Your Successes so Far. 
My long term goal was to ski in Spring.  This injury takes anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to recover from, so I knew this was an aggressive goal, but possible with the will and dedication I was willing to put into it. I started training with Mary Little in January to help me with a plan and to stay on track.  I also knew I would need the motivation along with her guidance.  She was recommended by a friend.  I was with her just twice a week and saw results already in week 2! The biggest success has been the strength I've gained in my core, and arms along with the injured leg to have overall body strength to ski.  She gave me "homework" cardio to go along with this to build endurance, which I did on the days I didn't see her,or in addition to, once I felt strong enough.

My success story is that I skied 5 months and 3 weeks after my surgery!  Although I only made it 4 runs that first day, my goal was just to be able to complete 1.  Since then, I have been skiing 8 more times, and feel stronger than I ever have.  Thank you Wellness by Little!! I couldn't have done it with out you!