A Couples Strength Gain Success Story!

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Couples that workout together at 6am are winning at life! These two have been some of the most dedicated and hard working humans over the past 6 months. The proof is in the results. Check it out!

Their goal was to improve lower body strength for snowboard season. We tested their isometric strength through wall sits and in the course of three weeks they collectively improved their time by just over 10 minutes! That’s an extra 10 minutes hanging out in a wall sit, no big deal!

In training, we often consider physical strength as our biggest hurdle but arguably mental toughness can be an even bigger barrier. From our minds convincing us to “start tomorrow” to that in the moment rate of perceived exertion during an exercise, our minds and self talk can have a big impact on performance. The reality is we really are way stronger than we think.

Way to crush Rachel and David. Your hard work and discipline is so inspiring! Keep up the good work you two 👍🏼