Knee Injury Prevention Exercises

In December, I took a fall on my skis that resulted in a minor lateral meniscus tear and has led to 7 weeks of really slowing down my physical activity. Thankfully, the ole knee seems to be healing up quite nicely! As much as it’s a bummer to think about, there is actually no way to prevent injury. Things happen. No matter how strong someone may be, the body can only take on so much force, torque and impact. That being said, we can definitely mitigate injury risk by training smart.

A great way to stabilize and strengthen the knee is by adding a band around the legs and keeping the knee in a safe and stable position while moving through different planes of motion.

Give these moves a try and lesson learned for me is to avoid those powder runs towards the end of the ski day when the legs are jelly ⛷❄️ Heavy weighted goblet squat pulse w/ hop out (I used one 25lb dumbbell)
Deadlift with single arm upright row
Step back with fly
Jumping jack with overhead press