Lower Body Weighted Squat Challenge!

Fastest way to stronger, more toned legs and glutes in my opinion? This lower body series right here! Perform this circuit 3x/wk for one month and I guarantee you’ll see change!

I learned this 12 years ago (woah 😳) from a trainer friend when I worked at Allstar Fitness in West Seattle in high school. It’s a perfect circuit to add into any full body routine or on its own if you’re short on time. *please do not follow my lead on the part where I don’t properly rack my weights with clamps. I swear I know what I’m doing over here 😂 but in all seriousness, safety first otherwise you might be featured in the next epic fail workout compilations on Youtube.

Perform this circuit with minimal breaks while maintaining proper squat, lunge and burpee form. Once you’ve done this routine for a week, there are two ways to challenge yourself: either add more weight to your squats on the bar or increase the # of reps to 12 and so on as squatting starts getting easier week after week.

Warmup (bar only) squats x10
20 lunge jumps
Weighted squats (add desired weight. I used two 10lb plates) x10
10 burpees
Weighted squats x10
20 lunge jumps