6 Full Body Moves Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

Here are six full body moves that have been incorporated into @wellnessbylittle workouts this week! These exercises are effective at toning and strengthening muscles in addition to getting a cardiovascular workout with all the multi joint (arms+legs) moving!

Bust out these moves in addition to a workout you’re already doing or on their own if you’re short on time!

Curtsy lunge to lateral lunge with rotation x15/side
Narrow to wide weight squat hops x30
Single leg TRX pistol squats x15/leg
Chest fly with single leg lifts x20
Tricep skull crushers with heel tapdowns x20
Double tap bicycles x20
Repeat 2x

September Plank Challenge!

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It’s almost time to plank our hearts out for 30 days. You ready? Tag a friend in the comments to have them join you! 
Planks are an effective way to build core strength, protect the lower back from injury and shed extra weight around the stomach. Perfect way to balance out those PSL’s that will be coming in hot here shortly 🎃 

Challenge runs September 1st-30st. 30 days. 1 plank a day. 

Daily details:
Day 1 baseline plank - hold as long as you can and record time. 
Day 2 90 sec plank
Day 3 90 sec plank
Day 4 90 sec plank
Day 5 90 sec plank
Day 6 90 sec plank
Day 7 90 sec plank
Day 8 2:00 min plank
Day 9 2:00 min plank
Day 10 2:00 min plank
Day 11 2:00 min plank
Day 12 2:00 min plank
Day 13 2:00 min plank
Day 14 2:00 min plank
Day 15 3:00 min plank
Day 16 3:00 min plank
Day 17 3:00 min plank
Day 18 3:00 min plank
Day 19 3:00 min plank
Day 20 3:00 min plank
Day 21 3:00 min plank
Day 22 4:00 min plank
Day 23 4:00 min plank
Day 24 4:00 min plank
Day 25 4:00 min plank
Day 26 4:00 min plank
Day 27 4:00 min plank
Day 28 4:00 min plank
Day 29 5:00 min plank
Day 30 final baseline plank! 

The one rule is you have to complete the listed time every day - doesn’t matter how many sets it takes you to get there. 

Best of luck and share your progress and success using hashtag #adoreyourcore 

Happy planking!

Autumn Plank Challenge

Photo taken by: Becka Hueth 

Photo taken by: Becka Hueth 

The time is almost here for our highly anticipated plank challenge! The challenge will run from Oct 1-31st. The rules are: you have to complete the amount of time within the day - doesn't have to be all at once but I would encourage you to push to fatigue every day. 

*Notice that last 5 days of the challenge are all 5:00 minutes. Wanted to give you 5 opportunities to to go as long as you can after a whole month of building your core strength. 

I'm excited for this one! Spread the word to your friends and family and get them in on it too!

Oct 1 30 seconds
Oct 2 45 seconds
Oct 3 45 seconds
Oct 4 1:00 minute
Oct 5 1:00 minute
Oct 6 1:15 minutes
Oct 7 1:15 minutes
Oct 8 1:30 minutes
Oct 9 1:30 minutes
Oct 10 1:45
Oct 11 1:45
Oct 12 2:00
Oct 13 2:15
Oct 14 2:30
Oct 15 2:45
Oct 16 3:00
Oct 17 3:00
Oct 18 3:15
Oct 19 3:15
Oct 20 3:30
Oct 21 3:45
Oct 22 4:00
Oct 23 4:15
Oct 24 4:15
Oct 25 4:30
Oct 26 4:45
Oct 27 5:00
Oct 28 5:00
Oct 29 5:00
Oct 30 5:00
Oct 31 5:00 

20 Minute Ab Session

Repeat this circuit three times through! 

Normal Crunches x20

Normal Crunches x20

Crunch with side reach x 20

Crunch with side reach x 20

Modified Bicycle x 20

Modified Bicycle x 20

Circular Crunches x 10/direction

Circular Crunches x 10/direction

Bicycles x 20

Bicycles x 20

Normal crunches demo continued

Normal crunches demo continued

Crunch with side reach demo continued 

Crunch with side reach demo continued 

Modified bicycle demo continued

Modified bicycle demo continued

Circular crunches demo continued 

Circular crunches demo continued 

Bicycles demo continued 

Bicycles demo continued 

3 Exercises For Office Workers

There is much evidence to show that sitting for 8+ hours a day has negative effects on the body, posture and mental health. It is so important to get up and move ONCE every hour. Below are 3 exercises that help promote good posture, get blood flowing throughout the body to help rejuvinate the mind and circulatory system. By performing these exercises once every hour, you can improve posture and productivity at work.    

From a seated position, bring hands behind head and rotate left and right while keeping spine and torso long. The more you can rotate, the better.  Be sure to engage the core while performing this exercise. Rotate 10 times to the left and 10 times to the right.

From a seated position, bring arms out to 90 degrees, palms facing forward. From here, without arching the back press arms up towards the ceiling while keeping the core engaged. Repeat 20 times.

From a plank position, hands in line with shoulders bring one knee at a time up towards the elbow. Repeat 20 times per leg.

Modification: If wrists are bothersome or this version is too difficult you can perform mountian climbers on a seat or bench and come down to your forearms.

My 4 Favorite Stability Moves

Stability Ball Session

In the following order repeat this circuit 3 times:

1. Plank Knee Tucks x 15

1. Plank Knee Tucks x 15

2. Stir the pot x12 each direction.  - In plank position make small circles in each direction

2. Stir the pot x12 each direction. 
- In plank position make small circles in each direction

3. Hamstring Curls x20 - From bridge position with hips high, bend knees to bring ball towards rear. 

3. Hamstring Curls x20
- From bridge position with hips high, bend knees to bring ball towards rear. 

4. Stability Ball Exchange x20 - Exchange stability ball from hands and feet with low back firmly planted on ground. 

4. Stability Ball Exchange x20
- Exchange stability ball from hands and feet with low back firmly planted on ground. 

3 Moves to Work Arms, Cardio and Core

The Chaturanga Push Up - this exercise alone incorporates hamstring flexibility, core and upper body strength. They can be performed often and I highly recommend office workers to get away from their desk a couple times a day to do these. 

Chaturanga Push Ups x10 (Modification: use knees) 

50 jumping jacks

1:00 plank hold

30 second side plank hold/side

Reapeat 3x



The Ultimate Full Body Balance Workout!

Today's workout Wednesday is all about balance. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: dumbells. 

Single leg bicep curls with dumbbell x12/leg

Single leg overhead press with dumbbell x10/leg

Single leg squat x20/leg

Single leg dead lift x10/leg


Single leg lifts x30 total (laying on back/15 per leg)

Repeat 3x



Bosu Ball Total Body Conditioning Workout

Incorporate this circuit into your next workout routine. These exercises require flexibility, balance, core and leg strength. Repeat circuit 3 times.

1. Single Leg Dead Lift  

Standing tall with balancing leg, hinge from the hip (keeping hips parallel), with belly button pulled in towards the spine and lower kettlebell towards the ground. Reach chest and crown of the head towards the front of the room, while back heel extends long. 

2. Mountain Climbers 

From plank position on bosu ball with core engaged, bring one knee up towards the arms. Alternate legs. 

3. Burpee with Bosu Ball

Starting in plank position, jump or step feet forward to squat position. Placing weight in the heels, stand up  and press bosu ball overhead. Lower back to starting position and repeat. 

4 Core Tightening Exercises That I Garuntee Will Make Your Abs Burn!


Stability ball plank knee tucks

Complete 3 sets of 10. Remember this is a plank so the rear doesn't raise up as the knees tuck in towards the chest. Exhale brings knees in, inhale brings you back to plank.




Circular Crunches

Complete 10 circles in each direction and repeat twice. Shoulder blades come off the ground while chin and eyes gaze up towards the ceiling. Exhale brings shoulders off mat and inhale circles you back to the ground.






Complete 2 sets of 20. This is an extended version of a bicycle movement except it's harder because all limbs are straightened. Botton leg extends towards the ground as long as the low back can remain on the floor. If not don't lower leg as low to the ground. Opposite arm reaches up towards opposite foot. Inhales and exhales move you from one side to the other.



Pike's with Socks (or TRX with feet in handles of TRX)

Complete 3 sets of 10. Because you are in plank pull the belly button in towards the spine. Exhale brings hips towards ceiling and inhale brings you back to plank.