6 Full Body Moves Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

Here are six full body moves that have been incorporated into @wellnessbylittle workouts this week! These exercises are effective at toning and strengthening muscles in addition to getting a cardiovascular workout with all the multi joint (arms+legs) moving!

Bust out these moves in addition to a workout you’re already doing or on their own if you’re short on time!

Curtsy lunge to lateral lunge with rotation x15/side
Narrow to wide weight squat hops x30
Single leg TRX pistol squats x15/leg
Chest fly with single leg lifts x20
Tricep skull crushers with heel tapdowns x20
Double tap bicycles x20
Repeat 2x

Hello Arms!

I promise you’ll be burning after this arms focused tabata series.

10 moves. 12 minutes. 3-5lb dumbbells.

20 seconds of each of the following moves with dumbbells in hands the whole time:
Jumping jacks with forward clap
Squat hop to overhead press
Front to lateral raise
Forward over-unders
Lateral over-unders
Sumo hold crossover bicep curls 
Sumo hold bicep presses 
Sumo hold oblique bend 
Standing crunch (20sec/leg) 
Rest 40 second rest 
Repeat 3x 

STARTS MAY 1st: Wellness By Little 31 Day Push Up Challenge!


It's time to start mentally prepping for the #WBL31daypushupchallenge! Join us May 1st-31st as we build muscle and endurance using our upper bodies! 

Plus we're doing a GIVEAWAY to @athleta for $50 to the person with the most check ins using hashtag #WBL31daypushupchallenge. Share your progress or the struggle is real face and let's lift each other up (not during the actual push up part though 😆) for the next 31 days. @wellnessbylittle clients, friends & family are all welcome to join in! 

Good luck and get ready to seriously improve your push up game in just 31 days. Starts Monday!
Here are the daily deets: 
May 1 Knock out as many push ups as you can at once keeping a consistent pace. No resting between reps. (this is your baseline number).
May 2 12 push ups
May 3 15 push ups
May 4 18 push ups
May 5 20 push ups
May 6 20 push ups
May 7 25 push ups
May 8 25 push ups
May 9 25 push ups
May 10 30 push ups
May 11 30 push ups
May 12 30 push ups
May 13 35 push ups
May 14 35 push ups
May 15 35 push ups
May 16 60 push ups
May 17 40 push ups
May 18 40 push ups
May 19 40 push ups
May 20 45 push ups
May 21 45 push ups
May 22 45 push ups
May 23 50 push ups
May 24 50 push ups
May 25 50 push ups
May 26 60 push ups
May 27 70 push ups
May 28 80 push ups
May 29 90 push ups
May 30 100 push ups
May 31 Just like day 1 knock out as many push ups as you can at once keeping a consistent pace. What's your new baseline?!

6 Minute Tabata Workout

Who doesn't love TABATA? Just kidding. If you've done a tabata style workout you probably know how brutal it can be but it's also a really efficient way to get the heart pumping and fatigue specific muscle groups. Try this out as a quick solo workout or to build into a larger circuit. Tag a friend who would do this with you! 

Jump rope (mad props if you can do double unders all the way through this) 20 seconds on
10 seconds rest
Push ups 20 seconds on
10 second rest
Repeat 6x

📷: @materas

3 Moves to Work Arms, Cardio and Core

The Chaturanga Push Up - this exercise alone incorporates hamstring flexibility, core and upper body strength. They can be performed often and I highly recommend office workers to get away from their desk a couple times a day to do these. 

Chaturanga Push Ups x10 (Modification: use knees) 

50 jumping jacks

1:00 plank hold

30 second side plank hold/side

Reapeat 3x



The Ultimate Full Body Balance Workout!

Today's workout Wednesday is all about balance. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: dumbells. 

Single leg bicep curls with dumbbell x12/leg

Single leg overhead press with dumbbell x10/leg

Single leg squat x20/leg

Single leg dead lift x10/leg


Single leg lifts x30 total (laying on back/15 per leg)

Repeat 3x



Workout Wednesday: TRX Style

The TRX suspension trainer was developed by Navy Seals and is intended to use gravity and body weight to challenge the muscular system. The reason I love TRX is that it is safe and there are simple ways to make an exercise easier or more difficult depending on your level of athleticism. For easier modifications, simply changing the angle of your body in comparison to the TRX will make it less difficult while adding a hop to lower body exercises can add intensity. The below exercises are rated for beginner's to intermediate. 

Repeat circuit 3 times. 


The Modified Push-Up

I will admit that push ups are one of my least favorite exercises to do. They are hard and it doesn’t take many to feel the burn. I think many females can relate to the fact that more often than not the push up gets neglected over other exercises. 

During my teacher training with SloBody yoga we talked about why men are better at doing push ups than women. There is a reason! If you look at where men are the broadest/heaviest, it’s commonly the shoulders and for women it’s the hips. Women can thank having to bearer children for that one! From a biomechanical standpoint when performing a push up the body is mimicking a second class lever system with the axis located at one end (the feet), the resistance in the middle (hips) and the force at the opposite end (hands pressing against ground). If more weight is located at the center point you can see why it would be harder to press up from a push up than if the weight was added to an end point such as the arms/chest. 

So here’s the answer. Instead of neglecting push ups, modify them! The most common way is to do “girl push ups” although I don’t love this method as it doesn’t support a full range of motion push up. What I mean by full range of motion push up is having the ability to bend the elbows to 90 degrees while keeping chest and hips parallel just like you would in plank position. Two things I monitor very closely with my clients is that they aren’t rolling up as if they were doing cobra position in yoga and that they are lowering down more than 2 inches from the starting position. If you can only lower down 2 inches before feeling like gravity will take over and you’ll flop to the ground then listen up! 

Shown here is a user friendly method to performing a complete push up with a little love from a resistant band! This modification allows for full engagement of the pectoral muscles, triceps, anterior deltoid, serratus anterior and the midsection as a whole. Using the resistant band takes weight off of the central point allowing a full range of motion push up, core engagement and the ability to complete push ups to fatigue which is a key factor in building muscle.

This article is featured in January's West Seattle Herald: