This year we’re changing things up a bit. Gotta keep you people on your toes - literally! This challenge is all about that lower body burn. Winter sports will be here before we know it and there’s no better time to throw these strengthening exercises into the mix! All movements can be taken as slowly and with as many breaks as needed. The number of reps just has to be completed in a given day. If you’re a regular client of Wellness By Little’s, you have no excuse! All reps are to be completed in one go with quick rest 15 second rest periods… if you absolutely need them.

Be sure to stay tuned into Wellness By Little for reminders & inspo plus share your success using hashtag #WBLlowerbodyburn!

And please, please, please review proper technique below for each movement and consult your doctor prior to starting any new exercise program.

3 movements. 3 weeks. You can do this!

Week One Wednesday Nov 1 - Wednesday Nov 7
November 1 BASELINE TEST WALL SIT (Hold your longest wall sit. Record your time.)
November 2 Squat hops x 30
November 3 Squat hops x 50
November 4 Squat hops x 70
November 5 Squat hops x 90
November 6 Squat hops x 100

Week Two Wednesday Nov 7 - Wednesday Nov 13
November 7 Wall sit 90 seconds
November 8 Wall sit 90 seconds
November 9 Wall sit 2:00 minutes
November 10 Wall sit 3:00 minutes
November 11 Wall sit 4:00 minutes
November 12 Wall sit 5:00 minutes
November 13 Wall sit 5:00 minutes

Week Three Wednesday Nov 14- Nov 21
November 14 Lunge jumps x40
November 15 Lunge jumps x50
November 16 Lunge jumps x60
November 17 Lunge jumps x70
November 18 Lunge jumps x80
November 19 Lunge jumps x90
November 20 Lunge jumps x100


Alignment & Posture Considerations:
Sit to 90 degrees
Knees don't come over toes
Weight in your heels
Knees track in line with toes
Low back firmly presses into wall by tucking the tailbone under (posteriorly tilt the pelvis)


Alignment, Posture & Modifications:
Stand tall
Feet turn out to 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock
Knees point out
Brace your core
Weight shifts into heels as rear lowers down to 90 degrees
Push down on the floor to jump up
Land softly with micro-bend in knees
MODIFY: Squats with no hop


Alignment, Posture & Modifications:
Begin with feet 3-4ft apart
Lengthen crown of the head towards the ceiling
Place weight in heel of front foot
Knee tracks straight in alignment with big toe
Back heel turns up towards the ceiling
Back knee points straight down towards the ground
Both feet take off and land at the same time
Land softly
MODIFY: Reverse lunge without the hop

September Bootcamp Series!

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I hope everyone had a solid summer of adventure, meaningful memories and too many late nights with the people in your life! 
BUT maybe your body is in need of some whipping into shape? @wellnessbylittle has got your back! Tag a friend who wants to join in for this 4 week series and receive a FREE class! 
Come sweat, full body bootcamp style, every Wednesday in September at 6am in the Greenlake neighborhood. We’ll also be implementing practical ways to prioritize your fitness as we enter into Fall and sample new seasonal recipes! 
Sign ups are now open. DM for further details! Starts on Wednesday 9/5 NEXT WEEK! 
Looking forward to refocusing our bodies and minds towards better health! Hair/makeup: @makeupartist.angela 
#wellnessbylittle #seattlefitness #refocus

September Plank Challenge!

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It’s almost time to plank our hearts out for 30 days. You ready? Tag a friend in the comments to have them join you! 
Planks are an effective way to build core strength, protect the lower back from injury and shed extra weight around the stomach. Perfect way to balance out those PSL’s that will be coming in hot here shortly 🎃 

Challenge runs September 1st-30st. 30 days. 1 plank a day. 

Daily details:
Day 1 baseline plank - hold as long as you can and record time. 
Day 2 90 sec plank
Day 3 90 sec plank
Day 4 90 sec plank
Day 5 90 sec plank
Day 6 90 sec plank
Day 7 90 sec plank
Day 8 2:00 min plank
Day 9 2:00 min plank
Day 10 2:00 min plank
Day 11 2:00 min plank
Day 12 2:00 min plank
Day 13 2:00 min plank
Day 14 2:00 min plank
Day 15 3:00 min plank
Day 16 3:00 min plank
Day 17 3:00 min plank
Day 18 3:00 min plank
Day 19 3:00 min plank
Day 20 3:00 min plank
Day 21 3:00 min plank
Day 22 4:00 min plank
Day 23 4:00 min plank
Day 24 4:00 min plank
Day 25 4:00 min plank
Day 26 4:00 min plank
Day 27 4:00 min plank
Day 28 4:00 min plank
Day 29 5:00 min plank
Day 30 final baseline plank! 

The one rule is you have to complete the listed time every day - doesn’t matter how many sets it takes you to get there. 

Best of luck and share your progress and success using hashtag #adoreyourcore 

Happy planking!

A Beautiful Obedience Towards Health

Ballard Session-0156.jpg

Wellness By Little means making those daily choices that we don’t get much praise for. The daily choices we make that seem boring. But these seemingly small, insignificant choices DO matter. When it comes to our health and well being it might look like denying our desire to oversleep and instead waking up for that early morning workout or when we reach for an apple instead of the chocolate chip cookie (or three... let’s be honest.) To me, this is a beautiful obedience. I fail often at being disciplined but there can be satisfaction, growth and transformation found we lean into the difficulty of stewarding our health and well being better. 

STARTS OCT 1: Autumn #WBLdoesabootygood Squat Challenge!

Stephen_Matera_5-18-15_39C2720 copy.jpg
DSC01272 copy.JPG

It's that time a year again. Summer is over and it's time to start sippin' our PSL's and binge watching Stranger Things but not without showing a little love to our booty's. 
Challenge start Oct 1 and ends on Halloween. We're throwing in some curveballs into this years challenge so prepare for more than just squats! This challenge is perfect for anyone wanting to building strength and stamina in their legs (shoutout to all the snow bunnies) and is suitable for all fitness levels. Each day there is a designated number of squats to be performed and you can do them all at once or break them into mini circuits throughout the day - do what works best for you. 

Show us those beautiful squats by tagging us @wellnessbylittle and sharing your progress with the community using #WBLdoesabootygood. 

MODIFICATIONS: If you have a lower back, knee, ankle or hip issue modify the squat hop with a regular squat, no hop. If you are healthy and good to go - no dogging it, hops for days! 

Reminders for Wall Sits: Lower down so hips are parallel to knees, tuck your tailbone so you're able to glue your low back to the wall. Weight in heels and BREATHE!!!!!! Those legs are going to want oxygen during these wall sits and the only way they'll get it is if you take deep inhales and exhales. 

Oct 1: 20 squat hops + hold a wall sit for as long as you can.
Be sure to time yourself. This is your baseline number. We will repeat this at the end of October. 
Oct 2: 30 squat hops
Oct 3: 40 squat hops
Oct 4: 50 squat hops
Oct 5: 50 squat hops + a 2 minute wall sit
Oct 6: 50 squat hops
Oct 7: 50 squat hops + a 1 minute isometric squat hold (you can perform a sumo/plea squat if you prefer!)
Oct 8: 50 squat hops
Oct 9: 60 squat hops
Oct 10: 60 squat hops + a 2 minute wall sit
Oct 11: 60 squat hops
Oct 12: 60 squat hops + a 1 minute isometric squat hold (you can perform a sumo/plea squat if you prefer!)
Oct 13: 60 squat hops
Oct 14: 65 squat hops
Oct 15: 70 squat hops
Oct 16: 72 squat hops
Oct 17: 74 squat hops
Oct 18: 76 squat hops
Oct 19: 78 squat hops
Oct 20: 80 squat hops
Oct 21: 80 squat hops + a 2 minute wall sit
Oct 22: 80 squat hops
Oct 23: 80 squat hops + a 1 minute isometric squat hold (you can perform a sumo/plea squat if you prefer!)
Oct 24: 90 squat hops
Oct 25: 100 squat hops
Oct 26: 120 squat hops
Oct 27: 140 squat hops
Oct 28: 160 squat hops
Oct 29: 180 squat hops
Oct 30: 200 squat hops
Oct 31: Retest your wall sit time by holding as long as you can again. Share your success @wellnessbylittle!

Congrats, you made it! Whoo hoo! 

STARTS MAY 1st: Wellness By Little 31 Day Push Up Challenge!


It's time to start mentally prepping for the #WBL31daypushupchallenge! Join us May 1st-31st as we build muscle and endurance using our upper bodies! 

Plus we're doing a GIVEAWAY to @athleta for $50 to the person with the most check ins using hashtag #WBL31daypushupchallenge. Share your progress or the struggle is real face and let's lift each other up (not during the actual push up part though 😆) for the next 31 days. @wellnessbylittle clients, friends & family are all welcome to join in! 

Good luck and get ready to seriously improve your push up game in just 31 days. Starts Monday!
Here are the daily deets: 
May 1 Knock out as many push ups as you can at once keeping a consistent pace. No resting between reps. (this is your baseline number).
May 2 12 push ups
May 3 15 push ups
May 4 18 push ups
May 5 20 push ups
May 6 20 push ups
May 7 25 push ups
May 8 25 push ups
May 9 25 push ups
May 10 30 push ups
May 11 30 push ups
May 12 30 push ups
May 13 35 push ups
May 14 35 push ups
May 15 35 push ups
May 16 60 push ups
May 17 40 push ups
May 18 40 push ups
May 19 40 push ups
May 20 45 push ups
May 21 45 push ups
May 22 45 push ups
May 23 50 push ups
May 24 50 push ups
May 25 50 push ups
May 26 60 push ups
May 27 70 push ups
May 28 80 push ups
May 29 90 push ups
May 30 100 push ups
May 31 Just like day 1 knock out as many push ups as you can at once keeping a consistent pace. What's your new baseline?!