A Beautiful Obedience Towards Health

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Wellness By Little means making those daily choices that we don’t get much praise for. The daily choices we make that seem boring. But these seemingly small, insignificant choices DO matter. When it comes to our health and well being it might look like denying our desire to oversleep and instead waking up for that early morning workout or when we reach for an apple instead of the chocolate chip cookie (or three... let’s be honest.) To me, this is a beautiful obedience. I fail often at being disciplined but there can be satisfaction, growth and transformation found we lean into the difficulty of stewarding our health and well being better. 

Lessons Learned at 13,310 Feet


It was when we turned the corner and the wind started blowing 60mph. Little BB sized ice pellets picked up off the surface of the hard packed snow and whipped into the small area where our faces were bare. It was like a million bee stings hitting our cheeks all at once. 60mph was the max wind speed before our guide would turn us around regardless of how close the summit was. He walkie talkied down to Paradise and the rangers reported back that the wind was not supposed to increase and it was safe to move forward. It was in that moment and for the first time in my life I really felt like I could die. I questioned everything. “Am I strong enough for this? “Do they know how dangerous this is?” “What the heck did I just sign up for?” “Do I trust my rope team?” “Do I even trust myself?” We were just 1,000 feet shy of the summit and decided to push on. 

In life we make decisions and take risks every single day. I strongly believe that if my life isn’t costing me something than I need to check my heart. Life is full of surprises, the unexpected, the wild. I’ve found rest in the fact that we were made for this wild. A life well lived is not achieved through the pursuit of comfort and happiness - of course we experience those things as humans but it is in the beautiful moments and the suffering that we are the most profoundly shaped.