Total Body Toning

6 Full Body Moves Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

Here are six full body moves that have been incorporated into @wellnessbylittle workouts this week! These exercises are effective at toning and strengthening muscles in addition to getting a cardiovascular workout with all the multi joint (arms+legs) moving!

Bust out these moves in addition to a workout you’re already doing or on their own if you’re short on time!

Curtsy lunge to lateral lunge with rotation x15/side
Narrow to wide weight squat hops x30
Single leg TRX pistol squats x15/leg
Chest fly with single leg lifts x20
Tricep skull crushers with heel tapdowns x20
Double tap bicycles x20
Repeat 2x

September Bootcamp Series!

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I hope everyone had a solid summer of adventure, meaningful memories and too many late nights with the people in your life! 
BUT maybe your body is in need of some whipping into shape? @wellnessbylittle has got your back! Tag a friend who wants to join in for this 4 week series and receive a FREE class! 
Come sweat, full body bootcamp style, every Wednesday in September at 6am in the Greenlake neighborhood. We’ll also be implementing practical ways to prioritize your fitness as we enter into Fall and sample new seasonal recipes! 
Sign ups are now open. DM for further details! Starts on Wednesday 9/5 NEXT WEEK! 
Looking forward to refocusing our bodies and minds towards better health! Hair/makeup: @makeupartist.angela 
#wellnessbylittle #seattlefitness #refocus

3 Exercises For Office Workers

There is much evidence to show that sitting for 8+ hours a day has negative effects on the body, posture and mental health. It is so important to get up and move ONCE every hour. Below are 3 exercises that help promote good posture, get blood flowing throughout the body to help rejuvinate the mind and circulatory system. By performing these exercises once every hour, you can improve posture and productivity at work.    

From a seated position, bring hands behind head and rotate left and right while keeping spine and torso long. The more you can rotate, the better.  Be sure to engage the core while performing this exercise. Rotate 10 times to the left and 10 times to the right.

From a seated position, bring arms out to 90 degrees, palms facing forward. From here, without arching the back press arms up towards the ceiling while keeping the core engaged. Repeat 20 times.

From a plank position, hands in line with shoulders bring one knee at a time up towards the elbow. Repeat 20 times per leg.

Modification: If wrists are bothersome or this version is too difficult you can perform mountian climbers on a seat or bench and come down to your forearms.

The Perfect Park Workout!

When you're crunched for time and don't want to miss out on a workout, do this routine ANYWHERE to tone arms, legs, back and core.  This workout requires no equipment! 


20 Pushups 
20 Reverse Lunges/leg (shown in picture) 
20 Mountain Climbers/leg
20 Squat Hops 
20 Superman's
20 Slow Bicycles 

Repeat 3 times 


Pushups- Use knees if needed.
Reverse Lunges- If you have knee pain, bend back knee less than front knee (shown in picture). 
Mountain Climbers- If you have wrist issues, perform mountain climbers on a bench/chair on forearms . 
Squat Hops- Again, if knees are bothersome, take the hop out of the squat.

Body Weight Workout

This routine can be done in your home by simply using your own body weight. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!
Circuit One
Side plank push ups x 15
Reverse Lunge with Step up x 15/leg
Mountain Climbers 1:00 minute
Repeat 3x
Circuit Two
15 Burpees (using step as modification if needed)
20 Squat hops (take out hop as modification)
Jog for 2:00 minutes @ moderate pace
Repeat 3x

Demonstration of reverse lunge step ups.

Demonstration of reverse lunge step ups.

Wellness By Little clients Adrian and Khanh demonstrating side plank push ups in their Madison Park home. 

Wellness By Little clients Adrian and Khanh demonstrating side plank push ups in their Madison Park home. 

3 Moves to Work Arms, Cardio and Core

The Chaturanga Push Up - this exercise alone incorporates hamstring flexibility, core and upper body strength. They can be performed often and I highly recommend office workers to get away from their desk a couple times a day to do these. 

Chaturanga Push Ups x10 (Modification: use knees) 

50 jumping jacks

1:00 plank hold

30 second side plank hold/side

Reapeat 3x



The Ultimate Full Body Balance Workout!

Today's workout Wednesday is all about balance. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: dumbells. 

Single leg bicep curls with dumbbell x12/leg

Single leg overhead press with dumbbell x10/leg

Single leg squat x20/leg

Single leg dead lift x10/leg


Single leg lifts x30 total (laying on back/15 per leg)

Repeat 3x



Workout Wednesday: TRX Style

The TRX suspension trainer was developed by Navy Seals and is intended to use gravity and body weight to challenge the muscular system. The reason I love TRX is that it is safe and there are simple ways to make an exercise easier or more difficult depending on your level of athleticism. For easier modifications, simply changing the angle of your body in comparison to the TRX will make it less difficult while adding a hop to lower body exercises can add intensity. The below exercises are rated for beginner's to intermediate. 

Repeat circuit 3 times. 


Bosu Ball Total Body Conditioning Workout

Incorporate this circuit into your next workout routine. These exercises require flexibility, balance, core and leg strength. Repeat circuit 3 times.

1. Single Leg Dead Lift  

Standing tall with balancing leg, hinge from the hip (keeping hips parallel), with belly button pulled in towards the spine and lower kettlebell towards the ground. Reach chest and crown of the head towards the front of the room, while back heel extends long. 

2. Mountain Climbers 

From plank position on bosu ball with core engaged, bring one knee up towards the arms. Alternate legs. 

3. Burpee with Bosu Ball

Starting in plank position, jump or step feet forward to squat position. Placing weight in the heels, stand up  and press bosu ball overhead. Lower back to starting position and repeat. 

3 Exercises to Strengthen and Lengthen Low Back, Glutes & Increase Torso Mobility


-Strengthens the lower back region
-Indirectly strengthens the gluteus maximus muscles as well as the hamstrings. 
-The lower back muscles from the hips to the neck are stretched and strengthened. 

Seated Forward Fold

-Stretches the hamstrings and calves. 
-Stretches the spine and lower back.
-Calms the mind and relieves stress and anxiety. 

Triangle Pose 

-Strengthens the legs, knees, ankles, arms, and chest. 
-Stretches and opens the hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves as well as the shoulders, chest, and spine.
-Increases mental and physical equilibrium.
-Helps improve digestion.
-Reduces anxiety, stress, back pain and sciatica.