Is Hiring A Personal Trainer Actually Worth The Time & Money?

To answer this question objectively right off the bat, I think it depends on the person. There's an interesting podcast I listened to by Freakonomics on "What's The Best Kind Of Exercise?" In the podcast, they brought up gym memberships and how most people who become a member of a gym overestimate the amount they'll actually use the facility by 70% and this got me wondering... why? For myself and I know a lot of my clients, working out is more enjoyable when it's fun, different, safe, results driven and when you leave the workout feeling like you got your money's worth. 

I asked a few of my clients why they hired me and here are the top 5 reasons:
1.) To be pushed harder then I would push on my own. (They say that now!!) 
2.) To feel encouraged, motivated and to have fun during the session and throughout the week.   
3.) Accountability.  
4.) To learn how to move safely and have that second set of eyes watching form and biomechanics. 
5.) To have an intentional, focused hour with no distractions.

For the sake of not wanting to write a novel, I only want to dive into the last reason further. Have you ever gone to the gym or set out to do a workout anywhere for that matter and not made good use of your time? I know I have and I've seen it happen a lot at gyms. We get to talking to people, we rest for too long between sets, we take way too long to find the perfect Pandora station or God forbid we're busy taking locker room selfies ;). If you're like most busy Americans then efficiency is probably important to you. By hiring a trainer you are devoting a solid hour to working out your body in a safe, effective, transformative way. A good trainer will design a workout to meet the clients needs that day while still being an efficient use of time and focused in a way that will allow clients to reach their goals.

If you're thinking of hiring a trainer - do it! If financially its difficult to justify one-on-one training consider small group training as a way to bring the price down and still get that focused hour with people you enjoy spending time with. Did you know that 80% of American's claim to not meet American College of Sports Medicine's guidelines of exercising for 30 minutes a day/5 days a week? My encouragement to folks is to simply start. Do one thing differently this week than you did last week. Moving daily (even a walk!) improves quality of life and adds years to your life. And of course if you slip up that doesn't mean you have to give up. We all have our hard days. Have grace with yourself. Pick yourself up and keep going! 

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