Get Strong Quick With Kettlebell Swings

If you were looking for a single exercise to care for the human frame you’d probably look for an exercise that helped us regain our posture from one of sitting hunched over to one that was upright, extended, and open. The kettlebell swing is an exercise that helps strengthen the body and can overcome all the negative effects of sitting. This exercise can also strengthen your heart and help you lose weight, too. 

Before you get Started:
To perform a proper kettlebell swing, you have to first master the principles of a proper squat. Meaning weight is placed in the heel, knees are tracking over toes, core is engaged and chest is up. Although these swings do not require you to take a full squat, the foundation is very important to have. 

How to do a Proper Kettlebell Swing:

From squat position, drive the hips forward squeezing glutes, core and quadriceps, bringing kettlebell up to about eye level. The kettlebell will raise with your momentum on the way up and drop with gravity on the way down. Allow your body to move with that speed rather than forcing the kettlebell to do something different. 

These swings can be added into a strength circuit. Swings are a great way to get the heart rate up in a short period of time because it is a multi-joint exercise.