Plunge Into Plyometrics

Plyometric exercises are also known as "jumping" or "explosive" movements that are designed to be maximum force in a short period of time. The benefit of performing plyometric type exercises is to increase muscular power. These movements mimic exercises such as skiing, football, basketball and soccer, so athletes to the active adult can see benefits from performing plyometrics. Because the nature of these exercises and the potential for increased stress on joints, muscles and tendons precaution and/or modifications should be taken if you have an injury.

Plyometric Workout - No Equipment Needed:

Squat Hops x20
Burpies (w/ push up) x20
1:00min Plank

30sec Rest then repeat 1x

Lunge SwitchUps x20
Plank Jumping Jacks x30
1:00min Plank

30sec Rest then repeat 1x

Jumping Jacks x50
High Knees x50
Side to side hops x50
Front to back hops x50

30sec Rest then repeat 1x