The Perfect Park Workout!

When you're crunched for time and don't want to miss out on a workout, do this routine ANYWHERE to tone arms, legs, back and core.  This workout requires no equipment! 


20 Pushups 
20 Reverse Lunges/leg (shown in picture) 
20 Mountain Climbers/leg
20 Squat Hops 
20 Superman's
20 Slow Bicycles 

Repeat 3 times 


Pushups- Use knees if needed.
Reverse Lunges- If you have knee pain, bend back knee less than front knee (shown in picture). 
Mountain Climbers- If you have wrist issues, perform mountain climbers on a bench/chair on forearms . 
Squat Hops- Again, if knees are bothersome, take the hop out of the squat.