When we align our behaviors with our deeper values, true lasting change can occur. 

Humans experience more joy and satisfaction from having discipline around health (and all things in life really) and the results that come with practicing obedience than if we do whatever we want, whenever we want. Similar to why dogs need masters so they are obedient, humans need guidance, instruction and encouragement so we don't get lost. But without a road map and a known direction established, it can be hard to know where to head and how to start actually implementing change. Most people seek out wellness coaching when they feel burnt out or stuck. They've tried to make changes but have found barriers, resistance and challenges. One-on-one wellness coaching is designed to:

Help people align their behaviors with their deeper values.
Facilitate behavior change by esteeming people through empathetic listening. 
Create actionable strategies for achieving specific goals around ones health. 


6 Week Beginner Program - $650

12 week immersion Program - $1300

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