New Beginnings

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Goodbye 2017 & Hello 2018!

As we all know, there tends to be lots of energy around well intentioned new beginnings. The New Year is a chance to hit the reset button. To start over with a clean slate. To actually have resolve in the New Year and its a good and healthy desire for God to do something in and through us in a way that produces real transformation and change. 

In 2017 one of the things Nathan and I wanted to work on is saying “no” more often. Saying “no” to certain things has been hard and really inconvenient for me personally but my “no’s” have also lent itself to greater things. 

One of those things for me was getting off birth control. I’ve been on different forms of birth control for over 13 years so making the decision to officially be done with hormones was a really scary step with a lot of unknowns. God has blessed me in many unexpected ways since being off birth control. Definitely more to come on this in a future post!

So rhetorical question (unless your brave...): what are you telling yourself “yes” or “no” to more in the new year and why? How does your answer reflect who you are? 
Cheers to whatever you resolve to do in 2018

😊 📷: @_kaylagrey