Bouncing Back From Your Winter Season: 5 Ways To Get Active This Spring


Article written by Paige Johnson with

The winter season can often be difficult on us - both emotionally and physically. Some individuals face seasonal depression. Others harbor intense anxiety associated with being trapped inside. Even if we don’t suffer from a mental disorder, we spend less time exercising and more time eating to maintain our core body temperature. Sometimes, we go overboard, promising ourselves that we’ll get better when the weather improves. Unless you live in a consistently warm state like Arizona or Florida, you likely experience some of these symptoms. Kick away the winter blues by trying these five enjoyable ways to get active this spring.

 1.     Walk, Jog, or Bike
It’s easy to overlook how enjoyable walking, jogging, or biking can be. Try pairing these simple cardio exercises with fun activities. For example, you can jog or run while playing laser tag. You can walk to your local library or a downtown attraction. You can bike just about anywhere - if you live in a town with sidewalks. Mix these functions into your daily life. Instead of getting into your car, think about other (more traditional) methods of transportation that can keep you active. Not sure whether you should walk or bike? Livestrong recently published an interesting article on the subject.

 2.     Develop Weekly Habits
Whether you join a sports team, engage in a weekly game of softball or flag football, or meet your friends for a scavenger hunt, develop regular habits with friends and family members that will get you moving. You can learn about the benefits of team sports through Let’s Play.
Rather than staying at home and watching movies throughout the spring season, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Water balloon fights, picnics, and afternoons spent at the beach are great ways to stay healthy and motivated without even trying. After all, exercise is more fun when you don’t realize you’re doing it.

3.     Eat a Balanced Diet
While being active is important (and even vital) to maintaining healthy habits during the spring season, it’s also essential to eat a balanced diet. You should be eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, in addition to avoiding greasy fast food or pizza. These items are acceptable as a treat, but you should focus your energy on making healthy food in the comfort of your own home. One healthy choice each day can go a long way. Figure out what you should be eating through Choose My Plate - a website that offers unique ideas based on your individual needs.

 4.     Make Plans With Friends
Get active by making plans with your friends and family. Exercising is far less frustrating when we share it - masking it behind fun activities with the people we love. It can be as simple as a nightly walk or as complex as a baseball league. Whatever you decide to do, build your healthy spring habits with the individuals who support you.

5.     Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
Exercising and making healthy eating decisions can be difficult when you haven’t been raised in a household that prioritizes health. There can, and will, be moments when you are forced to step outside your comfort zone. It might start by trying a new food each week. You might find yourself playing sports, when you never thought of yourself as athletic before. The Huffington Post recently offered six reasons to take risks and leave your comfort zone. Break down barriers. You’ll be happy you did.

Start an upward slope this spring by trying these five methods of getting active. The harder you work, the better your results will be.