5 Ways to Eat Your Way to a Better Immune System


I’ve been fending off the sickness over this past holiday. Sickness got you down too? 

Here are 5 ways to eat your way to a healthier immune system:

1.) Garlic
Garlic fights viruses, bacteria and fungus to help aid in healing the immune system. To get the most from fresh garlic, chop into halves or quarters and cook in olive oil or butter and a dash of salt. If you’re in a hurry or feeling brave, eat it all by itself or you can mix it in with a pasta sauce or salad dressing.

2.) Tea
Many teas are packed with lots of good stuff for fighting colds and boosting the immune system. Green teas, echinacea tea, honey & lemon (sure, throw a shot of whiskey in there! 🍋🍯🥃) and @tradmedicinals Throat Coat are all great options.

3.) Citrus
Citrus is packed with vitamin C which is known for stimulating the production of white blood cells that helps keep your body’s natural defense system in tip top shape. I’m convinced you can put lemon on almost anything 😣 
4.) Mushrooms
I’ve been learning about mushrooms a lot these days and current studies show that mushrooms are straight up magical for our bodies. Mushrooms support our natural immunity and provide nutrients to support every body system from brain to nerves to energy to skin cells.

My favorite mushrooms right now are maitake, shiitake and king oysters. I’ve been picking up the chefs samplers pack from @ballardmarket and cooking with olive oil, creole seasoning and light butter at the very end but another option is toasted sesame oil with soy sauce! 
If you don’t like eating mushrooms there’s this awesome guy @paulstamets doing amazing research in mycology out of the Pacific Northwest. He has amazing mushrooms capsules and products. Check out his stuff! 
5.) Water. Lots of water. Nuff said.