Find Freedom with Fertility Awareness

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This month marks my 13th month off birth control after 13 years of consistently being on some form of contraceptive. If you are in a position where you absolutely cannot get pregnant know that there are alternatives to hormonal birth control. And they are just as effective. And arguably better for your health.

The more women I talk to the more I realize that we've been led to believe our reproductive functioning only matters if we’re trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant. As women, we really don’t understand how our bodies work in regards to hormonal health and how our cycles can actually paint a pretty clear picture of our overall health regardless of whether we plan to conceive or not.
I mean if you just think about it, every month from the time we hit puberty all the way to menopause, our bodies are deciding if we are healthy enough to make a baby. Looking back, I find it fascinating and ironic that for something so routinely in my life I was able to brush it off as unimportant. For my entire young adult life I wanted nothing to do with hormones or reproduction or periods. Which is why I went through all the hoops to get on the pill, then the nuva ring and finally the IUD. I wonder how many hours I spent in the doctors office and how much money I’ve spent over the years. Yet, I was completely body illiterate, living in fear some months, and pumping my body full of hormones that had negative emotional and physical effects.
It’s been a paradigm shift to learn about the sympto thermo fertility awareness method. I wish all women had the resources to know the advantages there are to being in the know and in tune with your body in this way. The sympto thermo fertility awareness method is free, 99.4% effective and can get to the root cause of health issues versus slapping a bandaid on it and hoping it magically gets better.
Mostly I wanted to share that healthy, regular cycles are vital to our overall well being. And I challenge you to question the status quo:
Why are you on birth control? 
Do you trust that your doctor has YOUR best interest in mind when it comes to your health? 
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