Sympto-thermo Fertility Awareness Method

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I wish I would have known years ago that there is a natural birth control method out there that is 99.6% effective. Like many women I’ve talked with, I first learned about women’s reproductive health in middle school, which looking back was a very fear based education. One of the prominent things I remember learning from sex-ed was that if you have unprotected sex, you will get pregnant. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I was unaware of how scientifically inaccurate that claim actually is. 
I recently posted about going off birth control after 13 years. Thankfully, during that transition I was able to enroll in a 5 week course with Grace @fearlessfertilitythat educated me on exactly how to use and interpret the sympto-thermo fertility awareness method (FAM). The four basic principles are: 
1.) taking your temperature every morning
2.) checking your cervical fluid
3.) checking your cervix
4.) charting this information
The sympto-thermo FAM is simply observing your body’s natural fertility signs. It’s not the same as natural family planning, the rhythm method or simply knowing your body well enough to tell when you’re fertile. This method has been an empowering lifestyle choice and I wish more people knew about it. While doctors are experts in populations (and often eager to prescribe) we can be the expert of our own body. Women are not all made the same. I am able to make informed health care decisions because I know what normal looks like for me and have the data to back it up. 
A couple BIG shout outs go to @buggycastro for introducing me to sympto-thermo FAM and Toni Weschler’s book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.” If you’re curious to learn more this is definitely where to start! 
Secondly, Grace owner & educater @fearlessfertility has been an incredible wealth of knowledge and a valuable player in building my confidence for choosing this method as a lifestyle. I won’t say it’s easier than other methods but it’s much more rewarding, healthy and empowering. Often times I’ve found the less convenient, harder road in life can end up being more fulfilling in the end and that is definitely true for me here. 
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