Combating the Noise

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I heard recently that every day our brains have over 70,000 thoughts. It’s exhausting just thinking about that number 😂 
What we put into our minds is powerful. Over the last few months I’ve felt convicted about trying to be more aware of what I’m allowing into my mind and taking active steps towards a more wholesome thought life. I realize and am still learning how old mind patterns and ways of thinking have impacted my life, my relationships, my style of relating to others and even my own self talk. 
Things like who we follow on social media, what blogs we read, what books we read, what movies and tv shows we watch, who we trust to have a voice in our lives and our own self talk all feed our souls a message. From my own experience, these messages have either pointed me towards wholeness, truth and love or led me down a path of deception, destruction and hate. 

Here are some practical ways I’ve tried to eliminate the unhelpful, mindless, nonsense in my life:
- Unfollowing unhealthy social media accounts.
- Turning off the dirty nasty hip hop & top 40 while driving and podcast more. or silence.... silence is good in this busy city!
- Memorizing scripture as a way to fight against the endless amount of lies we’re fed everyday.
- Not watching movies or shows that lead to lust, comparison or normalizing unhealthy behavior. Shoutout to @nhkworldtv the only quality cable channel these days 😂
- Confiding our struggs to people who lift us up, tell us the truth and as hard as it can be, remembering along the way that someone who truly cares for our well being probably won’t affirm us in our destructive behaviors. And it takes a brave friend and humble person for that to go down well but growth and maturity blossom in these moments. 

With endless information at our fingertips everyday, all of these practices are to guard our hearts, eyes and minds from the lies that can be so easy to start believing. Because the reality is what we believe about ourselves and the world we live in shapes who we are and where we’re headed. 

Anyone have any other tips to combat the nonsense in your life? I'd love to hear from you!