Meet Mary Little, Owner of Wellness by Little

I’m Mary Little, owner of Wellness By Little! Growing up in West Seattle, I participated in a variety of activities from gymnastics, soccer, track and dance to a long family history of exploring the Pacific NW outdoors.

My motivator behind living a vibrant, active lifestyle ignited when I decided to do my high school senior project on organic versus non-organic food and sustainable agriculture. Around that time, a friend told me about Bastyr University’s Exercise Science and Wellness program, which ultimately stemmed my personal interest in stewarding my body well and a strong desire to teach others how to do the same.

As apart of my program at Bastyr, I completed a 400 hour internship at the Washington Institute of Sports Medicine where I completed my Athletic Republic 1 & 2 certifications. I also participated in a 240 hour internship with SloBody yoga where I completed Level 1 & 2 yoga teacher trainings. Once I graduated from school, I got to work in the health industry and have remained in this profession because of the incredible client relationships I’ve had and for the many teachers and coaches who inspire, challenge and motivate me to continue to learn and develop my skills.

I will be graduating from Vera University’s health coaching program in August 2015. Personal training and health coaching mold together to bring clients an enhanced experience through supportive mentorship to cultivate positive health choices in and outside of exercising.  

Wellness By Little wasn’t always an in-home training business. It started out as a fitness and food blog. As the blog grew in popularity, my interest in opening an in home training business became a reality. Wellness By Little opened their doors to the greater Seattle area in September 2014 and has been getting Seattle in shape ever since!