Introducing Ellyn to the Wellness By Little Team

I am Ellyn Erving and am both a Personal Trainer and Health Coach for Wellness by Little.  After spending time in the corporate world, I garnered a deep understanding of how important, yet challenging, it can be to find time in your day to cater to your own health and wellness. I love working for Wellness by Little because quality is never overshadowed by convenience; in fact, clients get both!

My philosophy of health and fitness is derived from the idea that what the body and mind can accomplish together is what makes humans beautiful.  I train with the functional fitness school of thought, meaning that I like to use movement to make people stronger and more energized in their everyday lives. 

I have always been a multi-sport athlete including volleyball, cross-country, soccer, and track and field.  My collegiate track career made me a four time Southern California Conference Champion in the Long and Triple Jump, and a Track and Field All-American.  I have an extensive background in CrossFit and earned my Level-1 Certificate in order to keep learning about ways to train people of all fitness levels.

In August (2015) I will graduate from Vera University as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  The coaching aspect is something often forgotten in the world of health, yet a holistic, understanding, and non-judgmental view of our daily activity is vital for reaching our full health potential. Wellness Coaching meshes seamlessly with Personal Training because of the personalized dynamic it adds to the training relationship.

In my spare time I like to practice yoga for both the mental and physical benefits. I am a life-long student and can frequently be found reading on my couch or at an overly trendy Seattle coffee shop.  I enjoy running, scouting out farmers markets, lifting weights, and talking about Anthropology.