4 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

Starting the Day in a Healthy Way
By Ellyn Erving

If you are thinking about making some healthy enhancements to your life, starting small can be a great way to find and maintain motivation.  Here are four healthy habits to incorporate into your morning routine. You can pick one that resonates with you and ignore the rest, or you can add all into your morning starting tomorrow.

1.     Drinking 16oz of Water

Drinking water right when you wake up has multiple health benefits such as kick-starting your metabolism, waking up your gut for smooth bowel movements, and helping your body to flush out toxins.  Hydrating in the morning will help your skin to glow and encourage your body and brain to wake up for a productive day.

2.     60 Seconds of Morning Stretches

Ever notice how your body just wants to be stretched right after waking up? Try reaching your arms up overhead and bending forward into a hamstring stretch. Doing some light stretching in the morning helps to wake your body up and provides an energizing feeling.

3.     Set the Alarm 5 Minutes Earlier

Although it might feel amazing at the time, hitting the snooze button and getting those extra 5 minutes of sleep is not worth the rush it creates when you realize how little time you have to get ready for the day.  Try setting an intention to wake up 5 minutes earlier than normal so you can go through your morning routine at a leisurely pace to reduce morning stress.

4.     Invest in Breakfast

You have heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes despite your best efforts this meal just doesn’t fit into your morning.  One solution is to cook when you do have time and have a breakfast ready to go.  Try cooking a veggie frittata in a cupcake tray so you can grab one serving for your morning commute.  You can also purchase healthy breakfast bars at PCC, Whole Foods, or your local health food store.  Be sure to check the sugar content and make sure it is below 10g per serving to avoid a mid-morning energy crash.