The Power of Garlic

Garlic has many medicinal properties including being an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial food. Garlic also is known to lower LDL, the bad cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, also known as plaque build up in arteries and it can mildly lower blood pressure by dilating or expanding blood vessels. The slogan “food is medicine” is very prevalent here. 

I learned a lot about the benefits of eating garlic from my biochemistry teacher Dr. Gowsala at Bastyr University. Ever since then I’ve eaten garlic right at the first sign of getting sick and have prevented the cold every time except once. That’s one cold in 3 years! To understand how permeable garlic really is my teacher Dr. Gowsala had a student from years before take garlic cloves and put them inside their socks overnight (I know, a little weird) and in the morning, the student said they could taste the garlic in their mouth. Garlic is easily absorbed by the body, which might be why it’s so effective at aiding in infection, virus’s and inflammation. 

You’re probably wondering how to prepare it? It’s very easy. If you’re a garlic lover pick up a bulb of garlic and use as many cloves as you want. I usually do about a half bulb. Take the cloves, whole or cut in half and bake it in olive oil and sea salt for 5 minutes or so. If garlic isn’t your thing, find ways to dilute it but still incorporate it into different dishes like homemade hummus, quinoa salads, pasta’s and vegetable stir fry’s. 

Always purchase the fresh bulb of garlic versus a container of garlic or garlic in the spice isle. The fresher the garlic the more nutrient dense, quality garlic you’ll consume.