Let's Get Saucy! Healthy Alternatives for Flavoring Your Favorite Vegetables.

Consider these options next time you're stuck on how to season a simple side dish or vegetables! You'll never need to buy another store bought pre-made stir fry sauce again! 

1 tsp Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Lemon
pinch of Sea Salt

Cooking Instructions: 
Simply cook in olive oil. Once al dente add sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and violà! Amazingly flavorful! 

Shiitake Mushrooms - I first saw this recipe on Chef's Table on Netflix and have quickly adapted it into my own cooking on the regular.

1 tsp Sesame Seed Oil
1 tsp Tamari

Cooking Instructions: 
Add sesame seed oil to the pan and cook shiitake mushrooms until softened. Add tamari and you're done!