Salty Chihuahua

Keep Happy Hour Healthy

Cutting out things that bring you happiness such as a Friday night Happy Hour with friends is not the answer to better overall health, nor is it sustainable if that's something you enjoy. Social well-being is a very important piece to wellness. 

For many of us, the happiness that comes from the social aspect of going out for a drink counterbalances the negative effects of alcohol. Of course, there are exceptions to this but drinking smart and in moderation is not going to kill your weight loss or strength training goals by any means. In life, if you practice moderation with everything, all the time, you're doing good. 

Ask your server for a Salty Chihuahua next time you're out and get happy at Happy Hour!

PS. Fresh squeezed grapefruit is the way to go. Who needs grapefruit JUICE when you can have the real thing?